I've got autumn leaves and heartbreak dreams inside.

Feels like a while since i last posted which it probably is so for that i apologize! I actually took some photos a week ago and when i looked at them on the computer they were all blurry this time again was the same kind of story so i have no idea what's going on with my camera?

Anyway Autumn's defiantly in full swing and i'm doing nothing but embrace it i LOVE wearing my new coat its my favourite colour which I've mentioned before and my playsuit i brought a few weeks ago and im in love!

Last Saturday as well i went to see the beautiful Lucy Rose who was SO AMAZING! But more surprisingly afterwards i met her which was again amazing and so sweet, she signed my tea (which she sells) and i told her what a amazing gig all while shaking like crazy! Haha.

This ring has been on my wishlist on Pintrest for so long i've seen a few different versions of it around and the other week i popped into Topshop and found it there for just £1! I know bargain right?

In this post im wearing lipstick as well which i never do you can probably tell the reason being i don't really suit it, but i decided for a bit of a change :-)

Anyway for now thats all from me
Take care lovelys!

What's your opinion?

  1. love the ring!!

  2. I absolutely adore it :-) Lovely look :-)

  3. I love your playsuit, its so cute :)
    Your lipstick is gorgeous too, you should definitely wear it more often... It really suits you!
    Kaz x

  4. I am so in love with your jacket!!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  5. LOVE your coat!!! and the color looks so amazing with navy. beautiful!



  6. Love the outfit, looks very cute!


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