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Just wanted to share with you really a few things I've been working/worked on lately. I was in two minds whether to post the finished products or the work in progress but me being a impatient person went with the latter. 
The first one though was just a quick job i did with the very many spare studs i have just to put my own little stamp on my gorgeous leather gloves.
They were really easy to do too by just using the claw studs and pressing them through and folding them over (with a little help from the pliers of course) 
And due to the FREEZING weather i wore them today, a few people have asked me also if the studs dig in or hurt the good thing is they don't! If you fold them over enough that is so they dont stick in.

And these are my collection im working on in my fashion lessons which I'm having real fun doing even now 
im very pleased with the results im getting. My themes Baroque and inspired by the Dolce & Gabbana A/W collection.
One piece of my collection is a masquerade mask and so far I've just been sampling and experimenting with different techniques to see which one I like best.
This one was machine embroidered with gold thread and sequins. I used a something called aqua film that you put under the water so that the plastic disappears and your left with whatever you do on the machine. 

And this one was made with felt and fabric stiffener to keep the shape then embroidered on.

Then this is going to be my clutch bag for now its just in the first stages whereas i have machine embroidered to create this baroque pattern.

and finally this is my hat which is still in progress this photo was taken during the first stages after it had been steamed and shaped.

As i said so far these are just samples and experiments but I'm so excited for when I'm able to show you the finished results!

And... Clothes Show in 11 days! I'M SO EXCITED! 
But its so hard saving money for it and to not be resisted by all these discounts and offers around at the moment! 
Also Florence + Machine in 8 Days! Which I'm also VERY excited about!
Which brings me to my new header on the blog because after doing a few photoshoots for my photography the fact has brought up many times about my similarity to looking like Florence Welch it does happen quite a lot which I'm really not complaining about although i cant see the comparison myself.
Anyway i hope you like my new header!

Finally i just wanted to ask about a issue I've been having recently with Blogger with the fact around Picasa web albums about space? Anyone else having this problem? Apparently i have to pay now to receive more space. If someone could explain that to me that'd be of real help.
If I'm able to carry on without paying which i REALLY hope i can I'm thinking about maybe putting a band section on my website like I've done with my photography with just gigs I've been to and bands I've got into ect. Any thoughts on whether people would go for that? 

Anyway that's all from me!
Take care you lovely'sss!

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  1. Super Sachen hier- die Handschuhe gefallen mir mit am besten♥

  2. I nominated you for a Leibster Award :)

    Roxii x


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