Me & My Best Friend

So Laura's either going to kill me or she'll really like this post either way it was going to happen anyway haha! So these photos i took for my coursework at school but i thought it would be nice to share with you all im making Elle magazine so i basically needed the photos for that. The article is 'how to wear the biker jacket' so really im showing you how to wear it too haha well how I'd style it.
Also i haven't actually shared my new leather jacket with you all yet so here it is! 
Since the weathers got a little colder its literally all i wear! I think everyone needs a leather jacket its such a wardrobe staple which can be worn in so many ways (hence the photos/post) haha. Its going to continue to be worn at least till the weather gets even colder in which case il be wearing my new coat which i also have to show you! Im in love with it! 

Anyway these are the photos! Take a look :-)

And this my lovely's is my best friend! The lovely Laura i wanted to share these too because its about time i got her on my blog also (if i don't say so myself) i love these photos they're part of my photography course and they turned out really well! And she looks beautiful! :-)

Recently aswell I've been thinking about uni A LOT which is kind of daunting but exciting too! 
So im kind of building up a bit of a portfolio im edging more over the idea around fashion styling or fashion photography? But like i said im just thinking so when i do decide you'll probably all be the first to know.
Until next time take care

What's your opinion?

  1. the photos are perfect and you both look amazing :D

  2. Thanks Paige! Haha, your post looks good :) xx

  3. wow love the leather jacket! especially with the red dress it looks so cute! great photos :) xx

  4. el vestido burgundy me encanta!

    New outfit post!

  5. Aw, making a magazine sounds like so much fun! I'm also having a few thoughts on Uni at the minute, mainly revolving around "I have no idea what I want to do" but ho hum. Love the burgundy dress!

  6. Cute outfits!

  7. you coudn't look any better, love.

  8. i'm in love with this!

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  9. beautiful outfits!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  10. cute styling!


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