The world is watching.

I love clothes when they take on a new meaning, when wearing them reminds you of someone or something.
This dress has became one of my favourites for this reason, also the fact its covered in birds.
If you don't know me by now this dress kind of fits me too a tee.

Anyway i wore this on Saturday and 2 people said good morning to me, i know it does still happen! This dress must be my good luck charm, not that i need one anymore.
Call me soppy or whatever but im the happiest i've been in a while.

Anyway the only bad news for me is im back at six form next week, which im defiantly not looking forward to. But just before i go back i have some DIY projects lined up i brought a new leather jacket a few weeks ago that im planning on putting studs on.
Also i found some shoes i wanted a while ago and when i visited primark i found the same ones without studs  so i've brought the studs to put on separately clever huh?
So il do a blog post on that! And already the studs have been dispatched so i cant wait to get started! :-)

Anyway thats all from me for now, the giveaway has now finished now so next post i should have the winner of that! Lots of love

What's your opinion?

  1. Very pretty!

  2. This is my kind of dress too (: I love things with cute little patterns on, particularly animals haha (: Best of luck starting sixth form again! xx

  3. nice dress!! x

  4. loooooving your dress!



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