Minty Fresh.

Today marks the end of the summer holidays for me which is really sad because it brings about the thought of six form tomorrow.
 Im really not sure i can handle the hard work again, ugh.
 But at least the last weekend has been spent in the sunshine its been so beautiful so therefore i dug out my gorgeous mint shorts for one last time this year.
I wasn't too sure about the combination but i paired with it my mint t shirt i brought and it went surprisingly well.

Also i love my shoes i had them for a while but only recently i've became pretty obsessed with studs, if you like these? You'll love my next post which im really excited to share with you all.

Along with my other puchases i brought company magazine which is lovely as ever again this month! I defiantly know why this is my favourite magazine! Not to meniton the fashion and bloggers but company like Lucy Rose! Which makes it go up even more in my estimation.

 And how gorgeous does she look? For those of you who dont know her go check out her new album coming out soon( Mines on pre order) 

And Hello Joseph Gordon Levett who doesn't want to open a magazine to his hansome face?
And of course not missing out the gorgeous Fearne Cotton who look absolutely beautiful on the front cover!

And also lastly apologises for keeping you all waiting on the giveaway! I can announce the winner is 
And your price will be with you shortly!

Anyway thats all from me for this time but as i said i have other posts lined up so look forward to those and take care lovely's! 

What's your opinion?

  1. Love your top and shorts. They go so well together. You look lovely. Have fun at school. x

  2. This is soooo pretty and feminine, I love the soft colours :)
    Necklace is also a nice detailed touch!

  3. nice outfit! x

  4. Love all the candy colours here. I'm loving Company this month, definitely loved the JGL interview ;) xoxo


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