See her in the green dress? She talked to me at the bar.

Taking these photos today was really just an excuse to drag myself away from the TV i've been pretty much obsessed with the Olympics since it started and i have no idea why considering im not much of a sport fan but its really addicting! Don't think its anything to do with the fact i get the pleasure of having Roger Federer on my screen.. haha

Part of another reason for these photos is to avoid my 2 essays i have to write! Yes 2 essays this is supposed to be my summer holiday but somehow i have to write one on fashion photography and another on fashion magazines. Still though it involves fashion which means i should enjoy it but who likes writing essays?
If someone answers that with: me? Feel free to do it for me ;) haha

Anyway i brought this dress a few weeks ago in the sale i was a bit unsure what with the colour and everything but i found it doesn't look too bad i think every wardrobe needs simple pieces to mix up with up others and as you can probably guess il most likely turn this into a skirt!

 And my nails i just had to show you, I've always been in love with dip-dye since the trend started and a simple way to achieve it is on your nails. Its easy enough to do also! 
Simply apply one colour and wait to dry then using a make up sponge dab the colour on top to achieve a sort of gradient ta-da! 
I apologize for the chipped nails found my camera had a super macro setting which is fine but they look incredibly terrible!
I brought a dip-dye jumper a few weeks ago also after wanting one for so long, so il do a blog post on that soon.

Oh and i also have a new section my blog for my photography so il be posting there too regularly to show you some of my work, so if you have time take a look!                          

Lots of love 

What's your opinion?

  1. You look lovely (our favourite word (;) in this dress! Aqua/bluey/whatever colour you call it anyhow, is one of my favourite colours and I do like the fact that you can wear it effortlessly as a skirt too! xx

  2. I like the color a little teal/turqouise side! love it x

  3. That dress looks so beautiful on you! I've been obsessed with the Olympics too. xoxo Demmy

  4. really love the color of the dress! x

  5. Thanks:):):)
    Yes, for sur! I'm following you right now, love the blue dress
    See you, Anais xoxo


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