To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die.

wow this week has been so stressful its ridiculous! I have a photography exhibition going on where i have to display all my photography work as simple as it sounds.. its not. If anyone takes/took photography you will know how stressful this is! I literally haven't been out of school this week i've even considered moving my bed there i mean thats bad isnt it!

Anyway i've had this post in a draft for a while just haven't got round to writing it properly so i do apologize!

Anyway this playsuit is one of the pieces i brought from the vintage fair, im very much in love with it i knew i made the right decision in buying it. So to go in my pictures my mother came up with the fabulous idea of doing vintage make up also.. my choice was red lipstick which is a very bold decision for me in my opinion i don't suit any lipstick but this went so surprisingly well! 

Also i have a fashion show coming up at school in july as well which im well, im excited about but reallyyy scared as im supposed to be modelling, but it is massively exciting styling outfits and putting accessories together! So i have that coming up anyway. 
And not long till 200, 7 away dont forget giveaway is on its way!!

Anyway thats all from me for now sweeties!
Much love!

What's your opinion?

  1. I am in love with this playsuit, polka dots are the best and I can't believe that I don't own anything in my wardrobe with them on...this needs to be resolved. I couldn't resist following you after reading that you use the word lovely too much too haha, I AM THE SAME. Whenever I write posts I have to stop myself from saying it in every sentence. xx

  2. Love the little (daisy?) polka dots!

  3. Loving the playsuit. It suits your hair! xoxo Demmy

  4. Ooft the smiths ;)
    Love the playsuit m'dear, it really suits you! Good luck with the fashion show btw. I'm doing one at college in july, though thankfully I'm staying behind the scenes cuz since I've made the clothes my part's pretty much over, it's really exciting though, hope you have fun at yours! x

  5. Love your post title, The Smiths! <3
    And that playsuit is beautiful!

  6. i love ur playsuit and ur hair combination adds such a vintage flare .. love ur blog x x

  7. Nice romper!

  8. The vintage playsuit is gorgeous :)

    Georgie <3

  9. Lovely Playsuit, good luck with your exhibition :) x

  10. That playsuit is gorgeous on you :) I hope your photography work goes well!

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  12. this is no nice! love your slightly retro jumpsuit! <3
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  14. Love polka dots dress!

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  15. I just love this simple outfit!


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